dimecres, 26 de setembre de 2007

I long to express my feelings

I long to express my feelings
- all written on a golden paper -
where I can see my soul emerging
and pain nowhere.
I must fly to the sky again,
to the lovely star, my friend,
where I found a heart of love
and a meaning to my life.
Merry moments accompany
my journey, in this world of hurdles,
but, with spirit, its strenght,
I am rid of dreadful sights,
when I happen to be full of love.
I must fly to the sky again,
for the call of the fairy of God
who understands what I am like
and sings tender lullabies.
and following happiness,
am not going to give up anything
that's noble, that's honest.
The opposite I'll do,
and who knows, if very soon,
I can achieve peace- in body and mind .
Everybody will be surprised
as my life will be sincere.I
must fly to heaven once,
to a vagrant nomade life
where only the wind rules
morning, evening and night.