diumenge, 26 d’octubre de 2008

Oleguer Presas, a poem

The taste of sea breeze,
a breeze scattering a thousand natural flavours.
This is the sea, immense sea of eternal dreams...
everlasting ideals, now and then.
I always feel happy remembering
those placid moments of adolescence,
when the body becomes effervescence,
and rose flags to all winds,
and made the land... the emblem of soul.
With the ball in the feet, I saw myself growing up
as a man of sport and faithful to the land...
with joy, feelings, fame... solidity.
I never locked infantry in distant remembrance,
gentile it was in an industrial place,
- like the Vallès there is nothing - the great poet sang,
born in my city, sharing my love for language and land,
in my hectic journey... as a committed man.