diumenge, 20 d’abril de 2008

The river is life

We belong to a land of sweetest water,

we love that lovely river of wet stars,

and a piece of land in the middle of the country,

and a language of ancestors, a language of all.

And we scream at the top of our voices,

The river is life!

We belong to the people who live around us,

gentle people who work in dry fields,

gentle ones who sail in the nearby sea,

those who grow olives and those who fish,

we'll let us hear our voices everywhere,

the river is life!

And we'll sail on tender waters and sing

lullabies to kids who want to live in this land,

to old ones who've worked so hard,

to men and women who want to listen,

a single message of love and dignity.

The river is life!